Express Thermo latest software update Windows 7 version

ECLO has released an update to 2007 Basic ExpressThermo that fixes an issue that was preventing ExpressThermo executable to run as a virtual machine.
This problem is caused by a Windows update released few months ago. This update is part of Windows released by Microsoft and Eclo has no responsibility about it.
The problem was quickly identified and our development team work hard to find a solution and fix the problem.
You must install the latest ExpressThermo update that you can download here:

Installing this update does not require activation and it doesn’t impact on any other functional aspect of ExpressThermo.
Although ECLO has no responsibility to the cause of this problem we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you when using our product.
Our support team is available to you for any further questions you might have.

  • For Windows 8 and 10 software download click in the link below:

Please go to Downloads Folder in your computer and install the file .exe following the steps that will appear on your screen.

1 Wire driver USB adapter

1-Wire® drivers allow communication between a personal computer and Maxim's 1-Wire or iButton® products, and they are provided for download free of charge. To get started, you will need the following:
PC with Microsoft® Windows® operating system (other platforms supported in 1-Wire Software Development Kits)

USB, RS-232 serial port, or parallel port* on your PC

1-Wire communication adapter to plug into your USB, RS-232 serial, or parallel port*

Reader or Socket to connect your adapter to a iButton or 1-Wire device

1-Wire and/or iButton Product to communicate with
Please click the link below to download 1 Wire Driver for Windows.

Elitech web-portal

Please click the link below to go to your RCW portal device to access to your account or to register:

How to connect/ reset your RCW600/800 WiFi

*Note that you will need to have a spare laptop, tablet or mobile phone with WLAN card to establish the connection.

  1. Reset your RCW800wifi at the back of the device using a needle and holding it for 5 seconds.
  2. Use the wifi locator on your spare device*, look for the RCW800wifi network name and establish a connection. 
  3. Go to explorer bar on internet and type
  4. Type name admin and password admin in the dialog box that pops us to enter the administrative page.
  5. Click on Work Mode and select STA mode then save.
  6. Turn on your hot spot function on your smartphone and go back to the spare device*.
  7. Go to STA Setting and click Scan.
  8. Select your Hotspot network and type the password, then press Save.
  9. After a minute your RCW800wifi should show the name of your Hotspot network under the wifi sign meaning that is successfully connected.

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