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Tecnosoft offers a broad range of temperature, humidity and pressure logging products suitable for monitoring the storage, processing and transport of perishable items. Things such as chemical or clinical reagents, fresh produce, vaccines, wine and many other products can be verified to have been safely kept within correct temperature ranges. Such ranges can be up to 140ºC and this allows them to be used in processes such as cooking and autoclave validation. To make things simple Tecnosoft offer a large array of probe types, stand alone loggers and even loggers that communicate via radio and allow the user to see what is happening in real time during processes such as food passing through automated cooking equipment.


From the basic Tempstick up to very sophisticated wireless Sterilcyl Tecnosoft has a solution for your needs. Sterilycyl and Pasteurcyl are offered in ceramic/stainless steel packaging whilst the Sterildisk and Pasteurdisk are in foodgrade stainless steel. Easy to use SPD software completes the picture to help you see exactly what is happening in your processes.

Humidity & Temperature

The HumiStick is a low cost unit designed to provide accurate temperature and relative humidity monitoring in a broad range of environments. Due to its small size it can travel with products or just be positioned wherever needed. For larger areas such as laboratories etc where it is important to oversee temperature and humidity very accurately the DLHT wall mounted logger fulfils this function. With an inbuilt display that allows instant access to the information that is being monitored and stored it’s the ideal system for your critical locations. Up to 15,000 samples can be logged and then reviewed on a PC via the USB interface.

Pressure & Temperature

Choose here your pressure recorder, especially for the validation of your instruments, such as autoclaves and pasteurisers. 
If you need monitoring of sterilisation and pasteurisation processes, or internal pressure monitoring of food and non-food packaging during sterilisation process, you can use the PressureDisk. It’s ideal for use in autoclave validation pasteurisers, washer disinfectors and other healthcare equipment validator and used together with the TS Manager System. 


If you want to monitor the quality of your products in real time, wireless data loggers are the solution to your needs. No special skills are required, no complicated configuration 
to deal with.

Get more information on TempStick Radio if you need to monitor stock warehouses, laboratories, fridges, freezers, transports and other temperature sensitive environments continuously, or SterilCyl Radio for high level temperatures such as meat and ham cooking and in autoclaves or sterilization processes. See also the Intelligent Sensors if you do not want to lose even one second 
of your monitoring.
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